The Pig in the Pantry and Other Homeschool Tales

It all started with The Pig in the Pantry and Other Homeschool Tales, a collection of essays about our homeschool days.

pigBook Description:

Rose Godfrey weaves together an delightful collection of stories about homeschooling life in this collection of essays adapted from her column, “Learning at Home.”

From raising baby chicks in the kitchen to driving cross country with a van full of chidren to inviting friends over for Science Daze, the Godfreys have tried just about everything and lived to tell the tales.

Part slice-of-life, part try-this-at-home, The Pig in the Pantry and Other Homeschool Tales will inspire you and remind you that learning at home can be oh-so-fun.

The Pig in the Pantry is available for the Kindle, Nook, and in print.

Don’t Put Headphones on the Cat and Other Life Lessons

Don’t Put Headphones on the Cat and Other Life Lessons contains is another book of essays. The title essay was inspired by my daughter who, then 2, insisted on “helping” the cat listen to music.

headphonesBook Description:

Marriage, parenting, having a career….Being Supermom was supposed to be so easy.

Rose Godfrey chronicled her family’s homeschooling adventures in her first book, The Pig in the Pantry and Other Homeschool Tales. In this follow-up collection of essays, Rose reflects on life, parenting, and trusting God through difficult times.

She ponders the tough questions: Does doing the laundry really make the washer get dirty? What if her children grow up before she does? And, of course, should the cat wear headphones?

“Motherhood is divas and dancing girls, sword fights and silly songs, headphones on the cat, lizards in the laundry, broken hearts, and broken limbs. It is praying in the emergency room, crying in the night, kissing owies, cleaning boogers off the wall, and holding a puking child without letting go.”

Available for the Nook, Kindle, and in print.

Sourdough Simplicity

My third book, Sourdough Simplicity: Basic Sourdough Recipes for the Home Baker, came about almost by accident. After teaching several friends to make sourdough bread, then teaching a sourdough class, I decided to write down the instructions and methods I used to make amazing sourdough bread. I put it all together and seemingly before I knew it, Sourdough Simplicity was born.

2Book Description:

Sourdough Simplicity is an introduction to sourdough baking for anyone who wants to learn to bake delicious sourdough bread at home.

Using the information and methods in this book, the average home baker will be able to:

 Develop and maintain a sourdough starter without the use of commercial yeast
 Adapt this baking technique to fit into a busy schedule
 Know how to “read” the dough for optimal results
 Understand the benefits of long-rise fermentation
 Create amazing bread at home for less than a dollar a loaf

Sourdough Simplicity provides hope for the beginning baker or anyone who has been intimidated by the complexities of sourdough baking. Sourdough success can be yours!

Sourdough Simplicity is available on Amazon here. The Nook version is coming soon.

Check out the Sourdough Simplicity Facebook page.

Start Homeschooling Today: No Experience Required

This book, too, came about because so many people had asked for advice over the years. In this book, I give advice and encouragement for the beginning homeschooler along with stories from successful homeschoolers from all walks of life.

Start Homeschooling Today

Book Description:

Start Homeschooling Today answers the questions new homeschoolers ask.

Is homeschooling legal?
What about socialization?
Am I doing this the right way?
Where do I find curriculum, especially on a tight budget?
Should I be worried about the Common Core standards?

Start Homeschooling Now offers encouragement and advice to anyone getting started or just considering home-based education.

Packed with practical advice, Start Homeschooling Today also includes in-depth interviews from a dozen successful homeschooling families.

Available on Amazon here.

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  1. Hi Rosemary
    Congrats on your many family accomplishments! Very exciting! Miss for a long time reading your articles in the appeal democrat!
    Dave Rodriguez
    Central Gaither School

    • Hi, Dave, great to hear from you. I don’t log on here often enough. I miss writing that column. Something about the paper was so much more motivating than putting together blog posts.

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