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Thanks to Mrs. Anna T. at Domestic Felicity for this review of The Pig in the Pantry and Other Homeschool Tales.

Goodreads reviews for The Pig in the Pantry are here or you can check out what readers on Amazon had to say here.

Sherry Antonetti from Chocolate for Your Brain reviewed Don’t Put Headphones on the Cat and Other Life Lessons, and readers on Goodreads chimed in here. Amazon reviews are here.

Sourdough Simplicity was written in response to the many people who asked for tips and instructions for making sourdough bread. Click here to see what readers and bakers have to say.

Reviews for Start Homeschooling Today are here.

And then there was this:

Writing a column for so many years was such a fun part of my life, I was sad to see that draw to a close. This letter to the editor appeared a short time after the end of the column. Thank you, Mr. Gemberling, for your kind words, and for your service.

Wow, part of my heart and teaching soul immediately deflated when I read Rose Godfrey’s column will be “no more” in the Appeal-Democrat. (Education, Aug. 31, 2013, “Now we’re learning across America.”)

I have been reading Rose’s column faithfully since her early beginnings in 2006, assimilating and utilizing her teaching skills and methodology. Then later applying them into my own families’ circumstances when applicable as a father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Her seemingly genuine and refreshing attitude towards teaching and her family life “trials and tribulations” was very gratifying and just plain good reading about good family life. Norman Rockwell and his “American Culture” paintings come to mind.

Our parting words to Rose and her family: Have a safe, happy, and adventuresome trip. We’ll keep the lights on for you. … As you will be truly missed by many.

George Gemberling

USN-USAF retired

Yuba City



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